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Nominating Them for an Adjuster Award

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1. Nominate

Nominate your best adjusters and those that support adjusters.

2. Tell

Tell us what your person did to deserve a nomination.

3. Watch

Watch Adjuster Awards share the story and see if your person wins an award!

The Best Adjuster’s Want to Feel Appreciated

Don’t lose them by failing to recognize what they do for you and your clients.

Companies Supporting the
Adjuster Awards

IA Path organized the Adjuster Awards, but without these companies to help spread the word, sponsor awards, nominating people or donating to make the awards people receive even better, this wouldn’t be possible!

Adjuster Awards

Adjuster of the Year

The highest award that can be received at the Adjuster Awards goes to the one who gives the best customer service and support for their company/customers.

Rookie of the Year

This award goes to the best newcomer to the industry. Who made the biggest impact to those they worked for?

Adjuster Support Personel of the Year

Who was the best at supporting adjusters in their work?

Claim Type Specific

Property Adjuster of the Year

Who was the best at inspecting and handling property claims?

Auto Adjuster/Appraiser of the Year

Who was the best at inspecting and handling auto claims?

Desk Adjuster of the Year

Who is the best at handling and closing claims from behind a desk?

Company Awards

Insurance Company of the Year

Which is the most adjuster friendly insurance company?

IA Firm/TPA of the Year

What is the best claims company to work for?

Insurtech of the Year

What regional firm goes above and beyond?

Sponsor an Award

When you sponsor an award you are making a statement. You are saying “I want adjusters to feel appreciated!” You’ll get announced with each nomination and at the award ceremony. Your companies title will be announced with the award. “The Adjuster Awards Property Adjuster of the Year which is “Sponsored by [XYZ Company] goes to..” as well as on social media posts and videos.